Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Merisal unique?

We use only the best sources harvested directly from the ocean sea water. We set the industry standard with a cleaner tasting lower sodium sea salt.

How is Merisal declared on a label?

Merisal can simply be declared as “sea salt.”

Why is Merisal healthier for you?

The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends incorporating foods with potassium. Potassium helps counter the effects of sodium and may help lower blood pressure. Merisal combines potassium chloride with sodium chloride, reducing the levels of pure sodium chloride. Keeping sodium in check is part of the overall heart-healthy eating pattern that the American Heart Association recommends.

Is Merisal Food Grade?

Yes, our Sea Salt is US food grade.

Is your Sea Salt Organic or Non-GMO?

Sea Salt is a mineral and cannot be organic. There is no organic certification currently for Sea Salt in the United States. However, using an organic compliant anticaking agent and additives, our Sea Salt can be used in Certified Organic products. We can also provide Non-GMO and Non-GMO Project Compliant Sea Salts.

Is your Sea Salt Kosher?

Yes, Merisal lower sodium Sea Salts are certified kosher.

Is Merisal a one for one salt replacement?

Generally, Merisal does replace salt on a one for one ratio. However, depending on the application you may need to tweak the Merisal replacement level to meet your specific requirements.

How is Merisal packaged?

We offer a variety of packaging from 50 pound bags to 2,000 pound super sacks. Based on your needs, we can offer customized packaging.

Is your facility SQF Certified?

Yes, we are SQF certified. We are also USDA Organic and HACCP certified.

Is your facility environmental friendly?

Our manufacturing plant uses solar energy as an alternative fuel source in our production facility and to heat our office water. Solar tubes provide natural lighting to our warehouse, manufacturing plant, and corporate office.

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Our Vision

Be The Leader in Lower Sodium Sea Salt

Our vision is to be the world's leader in lower sodium sea salt by providing the best and healthiest alternative to salt.

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