Merisal Sea Salt 57

4 oz Shaker

We use only the best sources harvested directly from the ocean sea water to provide a naturally clean taste. Merisal 57 contains 57% less sodium than table salt and can be used as a one for one ratio for all food applications.


There is a maximum quantity of 3 shakers per order. Please contact us if you are interested in a larger quantity order.
If you are interested in ordering a 50 pound bag, please contact customer service at: (803) 415-5514


Merisal 57 is a healthy alternative and contains 57% less sodium than table salt. The American Heart Association (AHA) recommends incorporating foods with potassium. Potassium helps counter the effects of sodium and may help lower blood pressure. Merisal combines nature's ocean derived potassium chloride and sodium chloride to reduce the levels of pure sodium chloride. Keeping sodium in check is part of the overall heart-healthy eating pattern that the American Heart Association recommends.

Merisal Sea Salt is kosher and Non-GMO Project compliant. Our salt can be used in a variety of applications as a one for one replacement of table salt. You can use Merisal 57 for all of your culinary needs, such as baked goods, marinades, and seasonings. Merisal 57 applications are as limitless as your imagination!


  • US Food Grade
  • American Heart Association Recommended


  • NON GMO Project Certified Non GMO
  • HACCP Certified
  • SQF Certified
  • Certified Kosher

Our Vision

Be The Leader in Lower Sodium Sea Salt

Our vision is to be the world's leader in lower sodium sea salt by providing the best and healthiest alternative to salt.

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